How To Wear A Mexican Biker Ring

Posted on September 19, 2022 by asher hoffman

I recently came across an excellent article on mens rings and which finger to wear them on.  Truly an excellent subject as it does make a difference.  The article is here and worth a quick look.

It started me thinking on rings that should be worn on the middle finger.  Generally speaking, the thumb is a very very non traditional finger to wear a ring.  Its quite possible to wear rings on the other four fingers without being overly edgy.

The middle finger is the largest of the 4 traditional ring fingers and should be used to accommodate a large ring.  A class ring, championship ring, or my personal favorite: the biker ring.

Biker rings have a great and long history.  One of my favorites is the "Mexican biker ring".

Early bikers commonly rode down from southern California into Mexico.  They rode for the joy of the ride, to get away from the strict rules of society, or in some cases to evade the law.

Mexico has always had a great tradition of silver jewelry work.  The craftsman noticing the bikers interest in big heavy rings started, inadvertently, making an interpretation that was and is very unique to them and Mexico. 

There were common motifs like horses and native Americans.  And rare motifs that might have been custom requests.


The choice between a vintage or modern looking ring is personal preference. Wearing a big ring is also a personal statement, too.  However, ring placement is very important.  To showcase an incredible collectible like a great Mexican Biker Ring there really isn't any better stage than the center of one's hand.